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Artistic Expression

Artistic Expression of Love, Change, Growth, Freedom A story of accessing love in a seemingly impossible environment An essential exploration into the ebb and flow of the individual self  (which in its essence is made of love) and its desire to connect to another being through that love, within a surrounding environment of limitations, prejudice, […]

Dancing in Iceland

Dancing in iceland with anamorphics Filmed with a Black Magic Ursa Mini and Anamorphic Lenses I love playing with movement on camera and double exposure. The landscape of Iceland was such a beautiful setting to explore aspects of this type of lighting, framing, and movement within the same space. 

Love Versus Fight

Love Versus Fight What are the differences we can honor within us? Above are a few still images from a project I wrote and directed after graduating from Central Film School in London. Exploring the narrative of a love story that had to be kept beneath the societal surface between a black woman and a […]