Love Versus Fight

Love Versus Fight

What are the differences we can honor within us?

Above are a few still images from a project I wrote and directed after graduating from Central Film School in London. Exploring the narrative of a love story that had to be kept beneath the societal surface between a black woman and a white man during 1950s America. 

The differences that exist between us are simply the acknowledgement of what makes us unique as individuals, it’s something that should be celebrated not crushed or pushed down over time in an attempt to make everything look and feel the same so it is safer and more comfortable for us somehow.

Why do we avoid situations that challenge us, when the very act of going through them is what, in the end, will make the product of a true hero within this lifetime?

I believe we are far more internally connected than we all truly know, and any outer visual differences are what add to the beautiful canvas of life. Our uniqueness is a fundamental aspect of creative human nature and should be celebrated, not erased or diminished, or worse yet used as a power tool over others. 

When we use our differences as a negative force to control and put down others so that we may seem or appear for a moment more in control and less afraid, it further discourages unity of society, self, and the global community. It keeps us in a perpetual state of sameness in non-growth (indicative of death) while movement, change, growth, and adaptation (indicative of life) is not only possible, but I believe, the way forward. 

We all experience feelings of fear, hate, love, joy. We all want to live the best lives we possibly can. And yet we don’t know how.

We have the ability to adapt, we have the ability to change, and we have the ability to grow. We are conscious creatures that get lost in our unconscious drives spending too much time unconsciously creating disastrous matters through and over time continuing to tell stories of powerlessness.

How can we lead a life of love if not through loving intentions and actions bred from deep within? Is this not the source of our spiritual nature wanting to be released?

Fighting fight with fight only breeds and produces more fight, often more people get hurt in the process. Thus enabling more fight, confusion, misunderstanding, hurt and turmoil and we continue this generational curse of self-fulfilling prophesies towards multigenerational trauma. What if we contributed more love, light, and joy instead of fight?

When faced with challenging situations of adversity what if we asked ourselves, where is the love in this? Why is it lacking? Where is the understanding or lack there of, and how can I contribute my understanding to it? How can I bring more love into this situation? The peaceful protests, ideas, and concepts lead by Martin Luther Kind Jr. resided in this understanding of bringing love to a situation of ignorance and misunderstanding. To help achieve better clarity and love between beings and communities with as minimal destructive damage caused in the process.

Silence breeds more silence.

Love breeds more love.

Fight breeds more fight.

Can we ask ourselves with more passion, urgency, and dedication; How can I best spend this time?

Producing Silence?

Producing Fight?


Producing Love?

As a storyteller, I believe in the importance of telling powerful stories of love through beautiful imagery that ultimately helps contribute towards unity.