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The 2070s Album Release

Directed by: Jennifer Borcea

Filmed by: The Filmery

ABOUT THE project

DJ and producer GEM is set to release a 10-track album that reimagines 1970s hits through the lens of modern electronica.

Australian born music artist Gem McCormack is best known in the industry for founding music publishing firm PISTOL, but this year she will return to her DJ/producer roots with an album of her favourite Seventies hits, reinterpreted around contemporary electronic beats.

The record, released under the moniker GEM RPM, will feature a combination of well-known and aspiring acts, with the debut single, Rich Girl, landed in late October. Originally a Billboard number one for Hall & Oates in 1977, Rich Girl has been retooled by up-and-coming Aussie singer Elaskia as an atmospheric slice of dreamy, ethereal chillwave. The track provided GEM her first top 10 single in Australia reaching #9 on the iTunes chart.

Jennifer Borcea works with GEM to collaborate on her promotional social media video content, live shows, music videos, and more. Jennifer intuitively creates compelling visuals that match the tone and vibe of GEM’s audio pieces throughout the album for The2070s. Jennifer and Gem have collaborated together in Los Angles and Sydney Australia to capture and deliver high quality imagery and artistic pieces that invites viewers to step into the world of The2070s. There are many more exciting collaborations and projects to come down the pipeline for this project and other pieces as well.