Alexander Technique

THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE – Is a process that shows us how our bodies are designed to move. It is essentially about alignment and freeing and improving your natural movement quality. The Alexander Technique gently reminds us of our original operating system so we can let go of the negative habits that are in our way. The Alexander Technique can show you how to move more efficiently with more fluidity and power. 



TANGO – Is essentially a co-creative nonverbal conversation that you have with another person (your partner). It’s about being sensitive, listening, doing your own work and coming together to join with another to make something new together. It is about honesty and nonverbal expression/movement that is inspired by your partner, the music, the space, and more. 


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Meet your Instructors

Jennifer Borcea

Jennifer Borcea has been a long time dancer since the age of 3. With over 20 years of dance experience, training, and practice she started out with classical ballet and throughout the process of trying different dance mediums, discovered Tango to be the style of dance she is most passionate about and practices today. 

Having attended film school at Central Film School London, and living there for 3 years before moving back to Los Angeles – Jennifer is also a freelance video director. 

Her videography works throughout the years have ranged from producing, writing, and directing short 2D  animation videos, promotional videos, fashion videos, music videos, and more. 

Jennifer loves blending her two strongest passions of dance and filmmaking together. She believes there are many commonalities that benefit one another within the space of acting, dance, and filmmaking that coalesce together towards a more truthful and beautiful co-creative environment and process. 

Brett Hershey

Brett Hershey is a full-time, AMSAT certified Alexander Technique (AT) Instructor and Consultant in the Los Angeles area.

He discovered AT when debilitating back pain, due in part to sports and dance injuries, but mainly bad postural habits, nearly halted his life in his 20s. In a quest for a cure, he began taking lessons and was amazed at the positive results.

Brett has now been studying AT for over fifteen years, graduating from the three-year (1600 hour) teacher training program at the Alexander Technique Institute of Los Angeles in 2008.

He thoroughly enjoys combining AT with Tai Chi & Qi Gong to help students from all walks of life improve posture, reduce pain and increase performance by teaching them how to better use themselves.


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